My View on Sports

I think that sports are very beneficial for everyone and that everyone should try at least one sport in their life.


My favourite sport so far is soccer. I think this is because you can only use your feet and you just run and kick, run and kick, run and kick. Also, soccer is really easy to learn because the main rules are just to not use your hands, no hitting people, and kick the ball into the correct goal. Also, I've been playing soccer for a really long time. Even though I play soccer, I'm not really good at it.


My second favourite sport would be basketball because you're basically running down a court and throwing a ball into a 20 foot high basket. Basketball as well is really easy to learn because there's not that many rules to learn. Just don't walk while you're holding the ball, don't dribble twice, and no hitting people. I've done basketball for a little bit shorter time than soccer but it's still really fun and I'm not the best at it but it's fun.


I've only played volleyball for one season but I still really like it and it's my third favourite sport. In volleyball, you're just hitting the ball with your lower arm and the pressure is really intense. You have to hit the ball over the really tall net in 3 or under hits. Also, it's really fun to be hitting the ball and spiking.


I've onyl done karate, taekwondo, and Judo but from my experience from those three MMA's, it's really fun and teachers you how to defend yourself and fight. Also, watching fights on TV or the internet, it seems really interesting. Fighting isn't really good but boxing looks really cool. I've wanted to do boxing for a while but never got the oppurtunity to learn.

Cross Country/Track & Field

I haven't done Cross Country or Track & Field on a team but I have ran a lot. I usually run twice every week when I'm on my way to volleyball practice or any other practice. Also if I can, when I get home I go outside and run for a bit. Running is really fun because all you have to do is move your legs quickly. My love for running also influenced my thinking that the pacer test is the best physcical fitness test. I still think that it is because you get to improve your running and gradually get faster.